Niagen- a fountain of youth!

By | March 8, 2016

Niagen- a fountain of youth!

niagenNiagen is a metabolic product with multiple benefits on your health! This amazing capsule is manufactured by an American company called ChromaDex, a company highly involved in the research of Nicotinamide Riboside (also known as an essential metabolite in human cells, found in natural milk or vitamin B3).

What is Niagen?

Scientists have discovered that Niagen is a product able to reduce the effects of aging and also Niagen is able to influence the cells function, so cells will function like they did when they were younger. What Niagen actually does is to reverse the effects of aging and to provide you a good mood, a better shape and more energy, it will raise your metabolism, enhance mental clarity, and reduce the risk of heart disease (maintains healthy cholesterol at a normal rate), cancer, prevents DNA damage and tumor formation and Alzheimer’s.

Benefits related with Niagen.

This product has reported lots of benefits on your health and side effects are few. Being a product found just for few years, Niagen, even if is clinically attested, still has research tests to pass, because researches on this product are still in process! It has reported so many benefits and so few side effects, that doctors are still testing it in order to provide even better performance for this product. So far, it was proved that Niagen fights aging, reverses skeletal muscle aging, prevents noise-related hearing loss and in all these matters Niagen, and the early clinical evidence for Niagen, is convincing and clinical evidence is still mounting.

Niagen works for everybody

Each individual is different, it’s true, but Niagen is suitable for everybody because in the end as being so different actually we are all the same and we all have the same body structure! Our body needs special supplement boosters and Niagen has plenty in its componence. One of Niagen’s substances has the power to create new mitochondria (which fights cellular damage against free radicals and which also, converts macronutrients like blood sugar, fatty acids or amino acids into energy that your cells can use) and your endurance at everything will be increased, your metabolism’s energy will be increased and also the health of your metabolic cells.

More benefits found in Niagen

In regards to neurologic protection, Niagen will increase your cerebral cortex and will maintain your neuronal cells healthy by supporting brain cells health, by improving your cognitive function and also by fighting brain cells aging. So, if you take a short review, Niagen is quite a deal in most of your health fields, no matter if we talk about you (looking good by fighting ageing, no matter if is mature or immature), your heart (heart illnesses will no longer be an issue), your brain (a sharpen mind and the renewal of brain cells is a must for everybody).

Where can I find Niagen?

You can find this product online, for a fair price and you will see results from the first week of its usage! Niagen- all you ever wanted for your health!